Friday, 14 April 2017

Sync Interactive Lead the Way with Mobile App Development

The world has seen a huge growth in the number of people now having access to the Internet across the globe through the creation of phone and tablet devices that cater for everyone’s needs. Latest stats show that almost 80% of the world’s population now has access to the Internet.
The team at have put together a list of benefits we believe investing in a mobile app can bring to your business:
      ·         Having a Mobile App provides you with the benefits of being able to target offers and loyalties to your customers through a dedicated channel.
      ·         Ability to reduce your current costs of marketing emails and SMS messages by sending user-specific messages through the app.
    ·         Mobile apps are a much faster way for your customers to access your business than loading a web browser or accessing bookmarks.
       ·         Increased marketing data from your customers.

       ·         Increased brand visibility on your customer’s device. Having an installed App on your device provides a constant reminder of the brand and helps builds loyalty because the app is easily accessible straight from the home screen of the customer’s device.

A recent study carried out in America showed that users now interact with an app on their phone at least once every hour. With the advanced handsets now available on either Android or IOS users are more and more frequently looking for apps to help them with their everyday lives. So why not contact SyncInteractive and see what they can do for your business?

Experience shows mobile apps increase engagement with customers. They can help boost repeated visits and build trust and loyalty. Businesses that have created successful apps through Sync Interactive have used features like being able to push promotions, enable loyalty schemes and run transactions. Apps help build up a brand and are essential in today’s competitive market for growing your business. Visit the and see the long list of customers who have benefited from using their services.

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